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About VR division


A pioneer in the field of CCTV and Security system solution for the next generation. Brand i-POVU : Intelligent Panorama Omni View

QDIS founded VR application division in August, 2016 to advance into the field of security industry based on virtual reality technology. We have launched 360 degree omni-directional security solution, parking guidance solution using optics and expanded a business to build a system focused on optical solution. Therefore, we promote and lead this business from the front.

  • 01Lens optical technology & professional engineering
  • Omni-directional IP camera with 360 degree view of angle and equipped a self-developed, patented aspherical surface lens. Outstanding develop & research teams in Seoul R&D institute and Daejeon optical center.
  • 02QDIS’s 10 years accumulated technology and reliability
  • The world leading top class in the field of automobile multimedia with the greatest technical strength. The qualified provider has exported to 40 different countries around the world.
  • 03Global market entrepreneur by stepping forward with a challenging mind.
  • Target to various fields where we can apply this lens technology. Plan to extend its business abroad to meet the world customers’ varied needs on security solution.