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CCTV and Intelligent Solution

QDIS is a pioneer in the field of CCTV and intelligent solution for the next generation. QDIS founded on VR application division to focus on the security industry. 
QDIS has a 360-degree omnidirectional IP camera, equipped with a pano-reflect lens. 
The company operates its main office and R&D institute in Seoul, and an optical center in Daejeon, Korea.
As a security camera manufacturer and intelligent solution provider, the company plans to extend its business abroad to meet global customers’ various needs for security solutions.
QDIS’s CCTV camera delivers high quality, extra-clear surrounding images, and ensures less distortion. Among its CCTV cameras, 5MP/8MP IP cameras support 360-degree panoramic view.
QDIS currently holds highly smart, efficient, and reliable intelligent solution, which is based on its 360-degree omnidirectional IP camera. 
The camera can maximize efficiency by utilizing 360-degree view. It is embedded with a fire detection 360 camera solution.
It adopts smart parking management solution, thereby operating function of a 360 camera. As a panorama view home security solution, it delivers the appearance of a compact and stylish camera with panoramic view. 
It also has a function of blackbox solution with panoramic view.
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